Bio Page

At six I wrote my first story and got a taste of the footlights, two completely unrelated incidents, but I’ve been hooked on both ever since. After running away from home—it was either that or join the navy—I lived on the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia until I figured out that work brought money and money meant no more sleeping on school lawns covered in snow.

But I was still a rebel. I landed a job in a strip club where I lucked my way into the house band. All this before I reached legal age. I thought I had everybody fooled, but when my birthday rolled around and I confessed, the bartender said, “Yeah, we knew.” No wonder he hid me in the kitchen whenever the liquor inspector showed up!

After nine years of music, six of which I spent playing the Alberta circuit, I decided to take another run at acting. I moved to Vancouver, landed a top agent (thank you, Rob Haynes, for giving me a break!) and proceeded to go completely broke. But I came up with a plan: go back to college, study filmmaking, and live off student loans. Good plan, but I lost sight of my acting career when I got hooked on 3D animation.

Graduating four years later, my 3D career lasted almost four whole months. I did manage to get a short film into the International Computer Animation Festival in Montreal (1989) for which I earned an honorable mention, but I realized if I wanted to do better, I had to learn more about writing.

So began a twenty-five year sojourn into the mysteries of storytelling, culminating in post-grad studies in Scriptwriting at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

But again, upon graduation, I was broke and—by now—over-educated. Then I heard the govmint was hiring and signed on. It was good money, but very on-again-off-again. Four years later, they decided I was too old and forced me into retirement.

I went back to acting, but if you ain’t in Hollywood, you ain’t gonna make a living. (sigh) So here I am writing this blog about TV shows.

Okay, so here are my qualifications:

  • a background in writing, acting, and production,
  • more knowledge in storytelling than I’ll ever use (despite all the times I’ve tried), and
  • a TV-watching habit that won’t quit.

So here we are.