Character Archetypes in Television (Part III)

(Continuing from yesterday…)

Sexual Player

This archetype also comes in two varieties, the Chaser and the Quarry. He can be male or female and it’s not big thing to figure out which one he is. At his best, he pursues romance and at his worst, sexual conquest.

Sexual Players almost always come in matched pairs, a Chaser matched with a Quarry, although the Quarry may be the Chaser in a second Sexual Player duet. Continue reading “Character Archetypes in Television (Part III)”

Character Archetypes in Television (Part I)

Any show worth its salt will give you a variety of characters fulfilling a variety of roles, but it goes beyond the personality styles we discussed earlier in this series. I’m talking about archetypes. We’ve come to expect them, even if only subconsciously.

Keep in mind as you read that in smaller casts these archetypes are combined. But we’ll talk more about that as we go along and again near the end. Continue reading “Character Archetypes in Television (Part I)”