Travelers: A New Twist on an Old Premise

I’m a sucker for time travel stories and last season three new ones cropped up, Travelers, Timeless and Making History. Making History was a joke and not a funny one, either, so it was no surprise when it was cancelled. In fact, I’m relieved. It gave time travel stories a bad name, in my opinion. Timeless fit a certain breed of militaristic high-action drama and was (or should have been) cancelled. I can only assume backroom politics reversed the cancelation order. Of the three, Travelers was by far the best. Continue reading “Travelers: A New Twist on an Old Premise”

Who Dropped the Waffle?

Major effort went into first episodes this season, but now the coasting has begun. From comedies to dramas, from Hollywood to Pinewood, most every show runner in the English-speaking world put their best feet forward, then fell flat on their faces… except Seth MacFarlane of The Orville. He didn’t get to best effort until episode four, but like everyone else, he then fumbled, stumbled and fell. Continue reading “Who Dropped the Waffle?”

The Gifted: Maybe Superheroes Aren’t so Bad


Yesterday I railed on about getting away from superheroes and here I am today reviewing another superhero series. Right up front, I gotta say The Gifted is head and shoulders above Inhumans. The Gifted is about underdog outsiders whereas Inhumans (if you didn’t read yesterday’s review) follows the exploits of outsiders who set up an oppressive regime and then fight over it. Continue reading “The Gifted: Maybe Superheroes Aren’t so Bad”

Tin Star: a Constellation of Conflict

This series is a real melting pot, a British production of an American Wild West story set in Canada. And they actually admit it’s Canada, something only Canadian shows (and sometimes not even those) admit to. Still, from a Canadian perspective, it’s nice to see someone outside our borders admit we exist, even if we are painted as money-grubbing beer monkeys in need of British heroes to save our collective asses from big Yankee oil. Continue reading “Tin Star: a Constellation of Conflict”

Shades of Sheldon Past

I wasn’t sure this was going to work, this whole go-back-into-Sheldon’s-childhood thing, but after watching the first episode, I’m now convinced this show has potential.

Of course, the scene I wanted to see right up front was the one where young Sheldon is chased up a tree by a chicken. But I guess we’ll have to wait for that little treat until later in the series. Perhaps that scene got stuck in CGI hell. Ever try to render realistic 3D chicken feathers or an angry bird on the attack? Continue reading “Shades of Sheldon Past”