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A 3D animation project featuring characters like no others you've ever seen. Okay, maybe not quite that unique, but...

The SETI project finally gets results and aliens arrive to welcome us into the intergalactic fold... three days after the human race wipes itself out.

But the aliens—using technology far superior to ours—detect human souls wandering the earth and in an attempt to make the contact they travelled so far to make, transfer those souls into the only entities they find intact, Sackadoo! Build-a-Ball characters. They aren't actual living creatures, but they're better than nothing.

Trouble is, the ball creatures don't remember anything about the SETI project, see the aliens as terrifying monsters, and so the aliens leave in disgust.

Left to their own devices, the ball creatures make the most of things, form a society and factions within that society and do what they do best... squabble amoungst themselves.

And here's an example character, freshly minted on this day in April, 2017. His name is Wing.

Wing, a Sackadoo! character