Re-discovering Star Trek

I could have done without all those ponderous scenes in Klingon, but if they take things in a different direction than all the other squeaky-clean, button-pushing, oh-so-fake-sounding tech-talk Star Trek fare, I’d be at least interested enough to try it for a while.

After reading some other comments here, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thought those all-caps subtitles sucked. And do Klingons really talk so slowly? I fell asleep a couple of times while they waxed poetic on their warrior-centric take regarding the universe.

With the first two episodes as set up, I was beginning to believe the main character would be a criminal instead of a ship’s captain… although the sneak peeks at the end did belie that. And looking at the IMBD page, that’s not likely to be the case; they still have the captain at the top of the cast list, so it doesn’t look like they’ll take such a bold step.

But, come on, isn’t it about time they broke that mold? I’d love to see a space-faring show where the crew didn’t look like they just stepped out of the shower (and after a quick visit to the barbershop/salon) stand around discussing *obviously* fake science and pushing buttons to save the day, leaving all the interesting stuff off-screen.

And after all was said and done (as far as this one-two punch of a set-up goes) I have a couple of questions:
1) Why was Burnham raised by Vulcans? Did they lose their star charts making it impossible to relocate Earth during her formative years? And, if they couldn’t find her next-of-kin, were there not even any members of her species about on diplomatic missions? Who knew Vulcans could be so motherly and sentimental?
2) Why does the ten-years-before-Enterprise technology look 300 years more advanced? I mean, sure, SFX have made leaps and bounds since the 1960s, but I don’t remember Kirk and his people even talking about some of the tech these people have.

I do hope the show runners realize what they have and where they’ve implied this series could go. A criminal at the head of the cast? That would be classic. And since she’s the one with the most problems, it would be engaging. No one’s going to listen to her, what with her being a criminal as well as a disgraced officer, as she tries in vain to get the dyed-in-the-fleet, poker-up-the-butt bridge crew to fight the Klingons the way they should be fought, with gloves off and teeth bared.

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