What the Orville??

Right off the bat, I have to say that the first 23 minutes could have been cut and no one would have noticed.
It starts with a “one year ago” segment to establish an unconscionable betrayal of one character by another, but it only stayed in the past a few minutes before jumping back. And it really wasn’t worth the trip, not for the lame humour and certainly not for the meager bit of exposition.
The next 20 minutes was set-up, again a waste of time. Everything we learn could have been saved for gossip among the crew during up-coming scenes and episodes. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of mystery. In fact, it’s a proven method for dragging an audience in.
And it really wasn’t that hard to predict that those two characters (from the one-year-ago segment) find they have to work together. Oh, no! But, it was refreshing to find out that one was willing while the other wasn’t. Not much of a treat, but the pickings were slim by that point in the show.
Finally, around the 23-minute mark, the story starts. A goal is set and off they go into the wild black yonder. After a few twists, voila! A satisfying ending. It was, however, marred by those two estranged characters committing to making their relationship work. Oops! All that set-up down the drain. What could have been a recurring mountain of major conflict was reduced to a molehill in less than two minutes.
And unfortunately, most of the comedic moments felt forced. It was like the actors were told to paint it in broad strokes and most of them did most of the time. I was left wondering if anyone involved had ever done comedy before. They nailed the few dramatic scenes, but sitting through the rest was uninspiring and at times, downright painful.
I do hope they manage to get their act together, though. But it won’t be easy. With “Galaxy Quest” (the movie) available on YouTube for a small fee, the bar is pretty high.

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Galaxy Quest the series would be great. I would watch that. Star Trek with all the behind the scenes drama.